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Mucem – Marseille

Mucem – Marseille

First major museum dedicated to the Mediterranean, a Mecca of architecture and heritage, the Mucem located in Marseille is a cultural city open to the sea.

This building offers a remarkable architecture. It was designed by the architect Rudy RICCIOTTI and the lighting was designed by Yann KERSALE. Located on the former J4 pier in the port, this building is a cube made of several levels with a floor area of 16,500m2. It hosts major exhibitions on two levels with the objective to reach a very wide audience.

DOMOTIC realized the complete resumption of audiovisual management, as well as the implementation and programming of the lighting system in the hall of this remarkable building.

A very complete supervision, which allows the operator to control all of its equipment:

  • Calendar and hours management to turn on and turn off a hundred of devices
  • Management of preventive maintenance alerts on its audiovisual devices
  • Technical supervision interfaces

A great achievement in Marseille!

Credit: Mucem